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I’ve noticed recently that it’s becoming harder and harder for me to narrow down my list of favorite trips. Whenever someone happens to ask what my favorite place is, my usual go to’s are Iceland, Canada, and Big Bend tied for first. My favorites tend to balance on both the location’s outdoor beauty and its positive influence on my life outlook.

These three locations are the ones that always come to mind whenever my brain needs an adventure release. I sit in my car, driving along the thousands of other Houstonians on their way to their various commitments, and I let my mind wander to a trail that I particularly enjoyed. I welcome the sweet release of the mountains to take me away from my city boundaries.

But every once in a while, I watch this video and the memories of it creep back in. It’s not nearly as far traveling as Iceland or Canada, nor as iconically remote as Big Bend, but it has its own sort of idiosyncratic allure.

Our car doubled as our transportation and as the humble beds for the nights. We had late nights filled with coffee and gas station snacks, and early mornings with more coffee and grocery store sandwiches. It wasn’t pretty in the car, but the sunsets we drove along to every night, and the sunsets we awoke to every morning were well worth it. Every night we fell asleep in pitch blackness, only to awaken to a surprising view we didn’t realize was there.

If you want a more in depth look at a Utah itinerary, then check out my post, What To Do In Utah: From Zion To Bryce Canyon. But, just for fun and inspo, watch my short little video and fall in love with Zion and Bryce Canyon just as I did. Utah, you’re the goat.

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