A Weekend In Colorado

Sometimes you get a little bit too stressed out.

You know the kind- too much concrete, too much congestion, just too much. That’s where me and my friends were at. So, we committed to each other that we would take a weekend trip somewhere, just to relax and have a peaceful couple of days to ourselves with no work or school to worry about. Well slightly, because so much to catch up as I currently procrastinate on homework even further with a blog post.


Colorado has essentially been my home ever since I was a wee little child. My family took vacations there multiple times a year, but especially every Christmas. Despite living in Texas, my dad was insistent on making us lil ski bunnies. It’s also usually one of the places that first comes to mind when you think about the mountains. So, for this past weekend, two of my friends and I booked flights to Denver, Colorado. We ended up staying in Golden, Colorado- one of the most adorable college towns ever. Seriously, check out their downtown. I die.

Since we were bumming on a sibling’s couch, and we didn’t have a car, we didn’t get to do as much adventure time as we usually do. But all of us had been dying to see the Maroon Bells, so when we eventually gathered our momentum, we headed there for an afternoon trip. We knew that Maroon Bells’ peak had already passed, but I don’t know. This epic rainbow kind of made up for it in my book.

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