What To Do In Big Bend

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I’ve been eyeing this National Park for quite some time. Considering it’s the only one in Texas and I’ve heard so many people rave about it, I had to make a trip. I was a little hesitant to go here during one of the hottest months, but I mean I’m from Texas, what’s a little heat?

I was super freaking shocked. No lie. This place was so much prettier than I expected it to be. I assumed it was going to be much much flatter and hotter, but it was surprisingly mountainous, and, if you got up early enough, the weather was right on. As in, breezy and cool enough to wear a long sleeve. I know, crazy! But, once it reached noon it was hot as heck. So definitely don’t forget your sunscreen and hat or you’ll be sporting some serious sunburns like me.

Despite the relentless heat, this trip was one for the books. I was kind of worried that I wasn’t going to get to squeeze in a camping trip this summer, but my two best friends came in clutch with a spontaneous trip to Big Bend National Park. Just me and two of my best guy friends making a trip to one of the darkest points in the US. The stars here? Out of this world. Ha. Totally unintentional.

I’ve been needing to get away and reconnect with nature, because, hello, Houston is not so great for the outdoorsy adventurer in my soul.

I know that some of my followers are also fellow campers, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite parts in Big Bend.

Stay at Chisos Basin

This campsite is a located in a great spot that’s tucked inside of the mountains. It’s even better because everything is easily accessible from it. Everything was about a 2 minute drive away or a 10 minute walk. What’s also great is that you don’t even need to make a reservation from June-November. I would most definitely stay at this campsite again the next time I go to Big Bend.

Hike Emory Peak

This route is 10.6 roundtrip. I gotta admit, it was pretty strenuous, but mostly at the end. BUT, the trip up here was entirely worth it. The view was beautiful. And it’s kind of cool because at the top it’s ladybug central.

Hike Lost Mines

This route is 4.4 roundtrip. Which is great for if you want to take a lazier day or perhaps do several trails in one day. I’d say that this one was harder than Emory Peak, but that could be rooted in how we had hiked almost 11 miles the day before. It just seemed a lot more continuously strenuous throughout the climb. That stuff can get to ya, ya know? The the view at the top was incredible though. 10/10 for sure. I think this may have been my favorite view of the two.

Hike South Rim

We didn’t get to do this one because we were exhausted but I’ve heard raving reviews about this place. This one is 14 miles, which is just barely longer than Emory Peak.

Drive Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

I recommend doing this drive after a long day when the sun is setting. The colors just get wild and the scenery is just as perfect. It was super relaxing after a long day of hiking. By the time we got back to the campsite we all passed out. The next time in Big Bend I will undoubtedly be doing this trail! Actually, the only reason we didn’t do it was because we thought it was 14 miles one way so we thought we didn’t have the time to do it.

Anywhooo. This place was magical. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park the entire time. It surpassed my expectations like no other. And, because my besties obviously made this trip so worthwhile, shout out to them for such a great time, I’ll be back real soon BB!

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