To Dad

Last night I was at a reading event for this undergrad literary magazine that I’m a part of, and pretty much I got inspired by a couple of the poets who went up for the open mic. I’ve always appreciated poetry, but I’ve also never put in either the time or effort.

Because, poetry < prose, obviously.

So today I was in class, with the residual effects of five hours of sleep and nine cups of coffee. And I couldn’t quite shake a conversation I’d had with the poetry editor about how I hate my poetry because it’s always insanely sappy & melodramatic [& not mentioned, but a bit too abstract].

Essentially he told me that even people who write poetry have to get all of that stuff out of them before they can get to the good stuff. And that lil tidbit really made me feel a *whole* bunch better.

ANYWAYS. I was early to class so I sat in there with my lil pretentious moleskin and started writing away. Sappy poem after sappy poem, trying to get that stuff OUT. GONE. BYE.

I ended up writing a satire piece on Capitalism, bc duh, and… this lil piece.

Not going to lie, this one really surprised me. I had no idea that I was still even remotely affected by this anymore. I mean, it’s been years, and I’m a whole ass adult. I thought this stuff just dissipated as soon as you blew out the candles on the cake of your 20th birthday.

So when I got home and read it out loud in the way I imagine it being heard, it brought out the tears. WHAT. I am truly shooketh. Although, also not, because if anything I remember from the times I dabble in poetry, it really does bring up some odd emotions that are tucked WAAAAY deep in the subconscious. I need to get more into it, tbh. I concede that it truly is pretty wonderful.

But, even then. My comment still stands.

Prose>Poetry 4ever!!


It hurt me to watch

As the sink piled up

And she left nothing

But harder nights

I see it more

I feel it more

That I am here

With a bed of only sheets

And no one more


It pained me to feel you scream

I know it wasn’t me

Even as I crept in late

And drank our pain away

A falling neglect that came

From her to you to me


I didn’t like to watch

As you two fought

With words that vibrated through the walls

Did you know it hurt me too

As much as it pained you

But daddy

It pained me to hear the gaping silence

But daddy

Not everyone got it

And some of them left you

Leaving the house emptier


As you collapsed inwards

And it all fell through and through

But daddy

I understood you

Felt a pain in everything

So I pulled back my sleeves

And slowly cleared out the dishes

I love you dad.

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