Number One Travel Essential

Wow. Wow. Wow. It’s been such a crazy week. We went to 4 cities alone today! We left from Córdoba, made quick stops to Malaga and Gibraltar, and now we are in Seville! It’s a constant movement from place to place as we try and soak in every last bit of Europe that we can.

As of today we have one week left exactly. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here over three weeks. Time has gone by so dang quickly.

With all of this moving and constant environmental changes it’s difficult to maintain a full-fledged skincare routine. It can all really take a toll on your skin and health. I travel pretty often, including to more extreme climates (all thanks to my skiing and hiking addiction). Over the years, I’ve kind of inadvertently come up with the best products to maintain your skin’s natural glow.

Because no one looks cute with dry skin. Ya feel?

Obviously, there are the basic things to do when you travel- such as remain hydrated and eating your fruits and veggies. But, there’s one major travel hack that I use consistently that has never let me down. But, we alllll know that doesn’t always work out. Especially if you’re too busy doing a different kind of hydrating.

So, for you busy bees, I have this amaze essential where all of my wants are wrapped into one-coconut oil.

I know, coconut oil can seem kind of like a craze phase that people are jumping on but I’ve used this stuff since high school and it has never let me down. Not to be the I-found-this-before-anyone-else-person, but just to emphasize that I’m not into it solely because of a health fad.It’s basically a million products wrapped in one.

So, if you’re running out of space in your suitcase- no worries. Just bring your trusty coconut oil (lmao, trusty, who am I?). Just make sure it’s sealed so it doesn’t get all over your clothes. Def a mistake I’ve made before and hated.

I know there are a bunch of fancier coconut oils being sold that are in trendy looking bottles that are super adorable. But, try to resist and just go for the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at the supermarket. It’s so much cheaper and, tbh, probably better quality since there’s no need to worry if there are any unnecessary additives.

Here are my top 6 uses for it:

  1. I use it as a natural lotion. Most hydrating lotion ever. I slather it on after I shower, and my body is just instantly refreshed.
  2. I use it with a cotton pad to remove makeup. It takes it off super easily and I never have to worry about getting scary chemicals in my eye or just on my face in general.
  3. It works great as a glossy chapstick. Put a little on and you’re lips are instantly pretty again.
  4. If my skin is extra dry or I just want a little more oomph, I use a tid bit of this as a face moisturizer.
  5. As a quick fix for dull hair I put some coconut oil in there- just a dab is all you need. Spread that stuff loosely through your hair.
  6. If my hair is looking lackluster maybe after an intense day of skiing, I’ll do a coconut oil mask. This works WONDERS. My hair always looks, feels && smells amazing afterwards. I cover every tiny bit of my hair with coconut oil and let it sit as long as I can hold out. Usually at least 2 hours. Then shampoo it out (I shampoo twice)- no conditioner needed.

Trust me. This stuff is life changing. Ok, a little melodramatic, but also totally true.

coco oil-1 coco oil-2 coco oil-3coco oil-4

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